teichan (teichan) wrote,


So, not to make anyone too worried, but I got in a car accident Sunday, was in the hospital until Wednesday, and now I'm out an about. Sort of. All I know is some lady ran into me when I crossed a street. The worst that happened was my clavicle/collar bone broke, and that may have been after the initial impact. They have me in a figure-8 strap for that, and a gigantic neck collar as a precaution. I wouldn't mind if it wasn't bigger than an X-box. Ally has a tiny, girly neck. Yes yes.

That's really it. They say it'll heal in 6 weeks at a minimum, but considering the little amount of pain I'm feeling now, and all the praise they were giving me for the sheer lack of pain, it may be sooner. But not soon enough to pass Max 300. Oh, no. No no no no no.
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